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    Decorative wire mesh is used for decorations in exhibition halls and hotels with good decorative eff..

    Decorative wire mesh is used for decorations in exhibition halls and hotels with good decorative effects.

    Decorative wire mesh has been adopted more and more by the building and construction field whatever on the material, structure or style because its beautiful metal color, concise style, good function, fashion and other more decorative elements. Decorative mesh for architectures are popularly used in decorations of exhibition halls, hotels and luxurious room decorations as screens, also inside and outside decorations in superior office buildings, dancing halls, business halls, shopping center and sports center, ceilings, walls, stairs and railings. Decorative wire mesh fabrics offer certain protection in addition to the good decorative effects.

    YaBang supply various types and materials decorative mesh. There are different styles of the mesh, including chain link fence, crimped wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, expanded metal mesh for decorative. We also have a variety of materials of this mesh, such as stainless steel, brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze decorative mesh. In addition, according to the application, here has decorative mesh for celling, wall cladding decorative mesh and metal mesh curtain.

    Most of decorative wire mesh is not only practical, but mainly play a role in the decorative. Each mesh has its own feature and benefit. For example, chain link fence can offer variety color changes light and given unlimited imagination. Apart from the above, decorative wire mesh has variety of opening and sizes, styles and functionalities, unique design and appearance.

    Stainless Steel Decoration Mesh Sizes:
    Mesh: 80 × 42, 80 × 40, 100 × 44, 120 × 44, 150 × 46, 200 × 47, 250 × 48, 300 × 49, 400 × 50, 500 × 50.
    Size: 3' × 30m, 1' × 30m, 4' × 30m.
    Decorative woven mesh specification:
    Open Area: 27% - 71%.
    No. of Cable: 1 - 4.
    Cable Diameter: 0.45mm - 2.75mm.
    Cable pitch: 5mm - 180mm.
    Rod Dia.: 0.5mm - 4mm.
    Rod pitch: 1.6mm - 40mm.
    Thickness: 1.4mm - 10mm.

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